The road safety impact of 3G vehicle cameras

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It’s been proven that 3G vehicle cameras have a major impact on insurance costs as well as road safety – with one figure from industry research claiming they bring down accidents by as much as 45%.

Some 2,000 commercial vehicles were analysed over a period of six months. Not only did the number of accidents come down, according to the study, but those accidents which did happen were more than a quarter less expensive.

A spokesman for the company which carried out the research, which provides solutions to reduce financial and operational risks, said: “There are multiple benefits that we are seeing from the use of a 3G camera, from more responsible fleet operations to reduced overheads.

“The cameras help prevent incidents and fraudulent insurance claims. Equally, when a driver does have an accident, footage from the scene can be made available in seconds, so that early notification of loss can make significant cost savings on HGV insurance claims.“

Video footage, in high definition, and giving speed of impact data, can be accessed speedily from the 3G vehicle camera, so blame is established, intervention can be made more quickly and policyholders aided more rapidly.

At the same time, firms are better able to control the process of handling claims, helping avoid excessive third-party repair and hire costs, and help avoid incitement of a number of injury claims.

Equally, the study found that most (some 65%) of the recorded accidents could have been avoided, giving a definite opportunity for fleets to improve their safety records, with better, more targeted engagement of drivers.

Bearing this firmly in mind, organisations are increasingly using the information the vehicle cameras provide to take a proactive approach to better the behaviour of drivers.

The capturing of occurrences of bad driving, and near misses, as well as those accidents that do actually happen, helps identify those who would benefit from driver training.

And it seems that the 3G devices in particular can bring but measurable improvements in terms of reducing costs and numbers of accidents, while at the same time supporting strategies around ongoing Duty of Care.

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