When do you need a Combined Cover Policy?

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There are many different types of motor trade insurance policies which can provide coverage of all your business’s facets. Getting insurance coverage not only protects you from liabilities and damages, it also fulfils a legal requirement for all motor trade businesses to have an insurance policy.

But dealing with all the different policies can be a hassle; you have to keep up with all the payments. The premiums must be paid at the right times for continued coverage. If you have different policies covering different aspects of your business and you forget to pay the premium on one of them, it could leave your business vulnerable.

Combined Insurance

To solve this major management issue, you can instead opt to get combined motor traders insurance. It gives you complete coverage of all your business’s services and assets. With a combined motor trade insurance policy you can have complete peace of mind about the kind of coverage you have.

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Any circumstance or adverse situation that you may face in your business, combined motor trade insurance will have you covered. Here are some instances where you will be glad to have combined motor trade insurance:

  • If you keep any cash on your premises; any theft or loss of that money will fall under the protection of the combined insurance policy.
  • Any machinery, equipment or tools you use in your business will be covered.
  • The property that run your business out of can also be covered with the combined motor trade insurance policy, you will not have to pay for any repair work that the lease holds you to do so.
  • It also provides full liability coverage, so any customer vehicles that are parked in your business premises will fall under the coverage of the policy.
  • Any types of loss or damage to your employees’ belongings are protected with the combined insurance policy.
  • Combined motor trade insurance is also useful for keeping your vehicle protected when they are taken off the premises. Any accidents or other road risks are covered by the policy.

This is some basic information about the level and scale of coverage that the combined trade insurance policy gives to your business. You can visit and compare different types of combined motor trade insurance to find the one that will suit your business.