Honda’s Electric Vision – ‘Major, Major Changes’ are on the Horizon

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Honda’s UK branch has stated that there are going to be ‘major, major’ changes on the horizon for their dealer network as their vision focuses towards an electric future.

Honda’s sights seem to be set on dominating the electric motor traders industry, starting with the planned launch of a new hybrid vehicle sometime in 2018.

Katsushi Inoue, Honda Motor Europe’s president and chief operating officer displayed the brands new vision at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, where he stated that it was Honda’s plan to install electric propulsion systems in two-thirds of their cars sold in Europe by 2025.

Dave Hodgetts, the managing director for the Honda UK region has also commented on Honda’s commitment to electric vehicles, stating that:

“We will electrify two-thirds of our range in Europe by 2025. That includes four different technologies from fuel cell, through plug-in hybrids to normal hybrids and full EVs from 2018 onwards when there’ll be a two-motor electric hybrid launched. That will be in an existing model”.

Indeed, Hodgetts continued to say: “We had a dealer conference two weeks ago and we alerted them to this message and changes to the dealerships are part of the changes that we need to progress. What this does to maintenance strategy in the future is a major, major change.”

It seems as though the attention towards electric and hybrid vehicles has certainly picked up pace within the last year. Although we have been seeing hybrid and fully electric cars on our road now since 2006, the last five years has seen a dramatic increase in popularity, and has sparked a change in mind-set amongst many of the population to turn away from older fuel types such as petrol and diesel.

Phill Webb, Head of Cars for Honda UK talked about how the change in vision may affect the infrastructure of the Honda network. Indeed, he states that:

“The structure of our network is such that they can accommodate that change. We have not yet started to address the impact in terms of hours of servicing, but this has got to be profitable for us and our dealer network.”