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Motor trade insurance is a necessity for anyone operating a business in the motor industry. The insurance needs of every motor trade business have created space for many new insurance companies. Many of these companies offer their clients assistance in their time of need, by offering the right motor trade insurance policies.

But there are some bad eggs that are conducting some fraudulent business. To avoid such companies and get the best insurance possible you should remember the following tips:

Learn about the Company

To avoid being ripped off, you should get all the information about the insurance company you have chosen for your cheap traders insurance policy. Check out their website and learn about their history from other online resources. Visit their central location and learn about the branches they have, this will be helpful in confirming the legitimacy of the company.

You should also know that every insurance company is required to register with relevant governmental organizations. If a company is not registered, it is a big red flag and you should start looking for another insurance company.

Insurance Coverage

When selecting the insurance policy you should look at you requirements, what will you need to cover in the policy to avoid paying any liabilities? There are many different types of insurance policies which offer different levels of coverage. Learn about the coverage the policy provides and select the one that will suit your business.


The requirements for the motor trade insurance policies vary with every type of policy and the company providing the policy. You should take a careful look at the requirements of the policy, so you are not faced with any issues when you make a claim.


The premium that is charged in each policy will be different with every type of policy, the level of coverage you have and the company you have chosen for the policy. After taking a look at your finances, you can choose the policy that your business can afford.


You can go to Total Insurance website and use it to find the most affordable insurance policy. They have policies from all the popular and trusted insurance providers. You can use their comparison service to compare the policies that you are interested in and select the one that will cost you the least.

When you get the right insurance coverage, your customers will have more confidence in your business. With the selection of the right motor trade insurance policy, you can remain stress-free and focus on the core aspects of your business.

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