What to Expect as a Professional Mechanic

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The most saturated professions in the motor trade industry is the mechanic’s. Aside from the motor trade business owners, being a mechanic is the most lucrative profession in the business.

If you are planning to join the profession, you couldn’t have picked a better time. In UK mechanics can make upwards to £40,000 per year, and that’s not all; the profession is said to grow in the country steadily in the future. Need more information and reasons to help you make your decision? Then read on:


The first things that any aspiring mechanics want to know about are the educational requirements for the profession. Although it is not a requirement, but it is advised that people who want to be mechanics should at least have completed their secondary school education. When you apply for a mechanic’s training program, you may need to show proof of your education. And without a certification, you will have a hard time finding work.

Dealerships or Garages

The next big decision that you will have to face will be choosing between working for big dealerships or private garages. Dealerships will often make certification mandatory, but that will not be the case for garages. Dealerships will offer you better pay and a more comprehensive benefits plan, but they will be stricter about the work.

Private garages on the other hand will offer a more relaxed working environment and there are some unofficial perks of working at a garage. You may be granted the use the facilities or equipment, and you can get parts and services at a lower or no cost at all.


The kind of money you make as a mechanic can largely depend on your expertise and experience. As you enter the profession you can expect to make £10,000 to £20,000 per year. But as you gain experience and your expertise grow, that number will increase exponentially, the top mechanics in the UK can make upwards to £40,000 per year. And many businesses offer their mechanics some form of commission on every job they perform, so the final number can increase with the amount of work you do.

Motor Trade Mechanic Insurance

Motor trade businesses are required by law to have a traders insurance policy. These policies can be tailored for mobile mechanics if required, simply ask for a mobile mechanic insurance policy. This policy will provide you comprehensive coverage in case of any injury or accident. You can inquire about the motor trade insurance policy that the organisation has when you go in for an interview.

Any kind of benefits and other perks will be different in every organisation. Some may offer paid holidays and a retirement plan; some may only pay you an hourly rate and offer no benefits at all. The skills you bring to the business will have a huge impact on what kind of payment and benefits package you receive.