Delaying or putting off maintenance can cost you £100’s at MOT

We have all been there, do we get those brake pads or go out for the day or skip the car service this year. Well, this approach could cost you more should your car fail at its annual MOT.

It is estimated by the government that the average car owner has to pay around £272 after each MOT in order to get it to pass. This is on top of the average MOT price of £50.

Whether you are a car owner or an MOT garage owner, practicing or promoting proper vehicle maintenance can help save people money AND build a good customer base that trust you and your advice.

Basic Maintenance

Basic maintenance is the responsibilityof the vehicle owner, however, if you are a garage owner, you should promotethe following regular checks.

Check your bulbs

Most modern cars come with a warningindicator when a bulb blows but don’t take this for granted. Only 2 lights on avehicle enable you to drive, the rest indicate to other drivers what you aregoing to do as a driver. Therefore, every bulb is an essential bulb! Not onlyfor your own safety, but for those of others as well. 40% of MOT failures arethough failed bulbs!

Handbrake check

Ensure your car’s handbrake holds thecar still. To do this, when safe to do so, find a steep hill and park up facingdownhill. Then, put the car in neutral and pull up the handbrake. Once ready,take your foot off the foot brake. If the car stays still, the handbrake isgood enough. If the car rolls, take it to the garage.

Check brake fluid

Low brake fluid will cause considerabledifficulty in the event you have to brake harshly. If you are involved in an accidentwhere your car did not stop in time due to lack of brake fluid, it is likely youwill be at fault if not part at fault.

Check your Tyres

Bald tyres are illegal for a reason,that reason is through their inability to stop the vehicle or maintain thecontrol of the vehicle at speed or in the need to stop. Check the depth of yourtread regularly. If they are low, change them.

Check the Windscreen

Chips may get through a MOT if they areonly small but chips will turn to cracks and a cracked windscreen won’t pass anMOT. If you have a chipped or cracked windscreen, either have it replaced or achip filled. This can usually be done through your insurance.

Replace wiper blades

Wiper blades are essential to theeffective removal of water from the windscreen in wet conditions. Wiper bladesare a small expense to keep a clear vision on the road.

Mirror check

Although a centralmirror is considered un-essential, your side mirrors are. If you have a missingor damage side mirror, get it replaced quickly.

Failing an MOT isoften a surprise!

Cars are oftenessential to our way of life, as such, when they fail, it is often followed bygreat expense that could have been easily avoided. A survey suggested that over half of all drivers would considertaking on debt in order to keep their can on the road.

If a car fails its MOTthrough something major, the car may not be driven and should the driverconsider driving it, they run the risk of a £2500 fine and potentially bannedfrom driving.

If you are a garageowner and you pre-warn drivers of aspects that can cause a fail before the MOT,they will thank you for it. It is always better to pay out for a vehicle onyour terms as opposed to a failed MOT’s terms.

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Let people know!

If you believe inlooking after your customer with a little maintenance guidance, let people know.With a world that lives on social media, make sure you put it out there thatyou are prepared to help and customers will come to use you.