Dealers not working their sales leads correctly

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Sales leads don’t come cheaply and can be a major source of income for car dealers if used correctly and treated in the manner they should be. New data has just come out by digital marketing firm Marketing Delivery that 37% of sales leads are incorrectly noted as “lost” by dealer’s staff when in fact they’re still actively looking for a vehicle to buy and are very much in the marketplace.

The analysis of data by Marketing Delivery shows that dealers fall down with their follow-up on sales enquiries, this was across the board with all dealers falling down in this sector of marketing. A staggering 19% of sales enquiries were not even followed up once, meaning that a fifth of all prospective buyers got no contact from a dealer-this is a huge opportunity missed by poor marketing efforts within dealerships. If a customer makes a specific enquiry to a specific dealership the very least is expected to be contacted and when this doesn’t happen the chances of the prospective customer continuing the sales process with that dealer are immensely diminished.

The lack of vehicle availability was the main reason that customers abandon any contact with the dealer with 44% of customers citing this as the reason. This is in direct conflict with how the dealers record the lead becoming lost as the dealers record only 3% of enquiries being lost due to lack of vehicle availability. It is apparent that the dealers and their customers look at things in a wildly different manner and pricing is another major aspect that the consumer stops contact with the dealer whereas the dealers perceive it as only a small percentage of just 6% of their leads being lost due to price, the real percentage from the consumer standpoint is in fact 28% of cases are lost due to pricing.

The other area that dealers and consumers view very differently is with the valuation on a part exchange vehicle. Dealers estimate that only one in a hundred cases are lost due to poor valuation on a part exchange vehicle, figures from the customer themselves show that it is approximately 12% of deals are lost due to poor part exchange offers from the dealer.

It seems quite obvious from the above figures that dealers need to get a grip on how customers actually view important factors of buying a car and dealers must be more honest with themselves to maximise their enquiries and turn them into sales. Simple processes can be put in place within the sales departments to keep accurate records and make changes where they are needed so that the sales are not lost due to poor salesmanship and customer service.