Convictions don’t affect eligibility for Motor Trade Insurance

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We’ve all done things we’re not proud of, whether that’s in our reckless youth or in a more recent moment of madness, and perhaps got some sort of criminal conviction as a result of it.

The important thing is that you’ve learned from your mistakes, and you’ve moved on to better things. It may be that you’re ready to apply your love of cars to your work life, and make it your livelihood.

Whether it’s a DR10, for drink driving, or a CU80, for driving while using a mobile phone, you may assume that these vehicle related convictions mean that you’re automatically ineligible for motor trade insurance, but an automatic refusal is not always the case.

Be honest with your broker, and they will do their best to find you a motor trade policy which fits your need. There’s no point trying to hide your past, because insurers have a database of all convictions issued in the last five years, and they will search for you when you apply for a quote. Even issues which are not motor related, such as convictions for dropping litter, will appear. Information on your previous claims, and any disabilities, are on the same database. Yes, you can expect it to cost you a bit more if your name shows up on that list, but a good broker will be able to provide advice and reassurance on all your options. No conviction lasts forever, and much like points for speeding, will drop off your record after the specific period of time, after which they no longer need to be mentioned when you want a quote. These are called “spent” convictions.

Whatever your outcome, it’s vital to remember that your past is behind you, and doesn’t govern whatever happens in your future. Our Motor Trade Insurance Brokers are here to help you and your business make the very best of whatever comes next.