Car salesmen reveal their worst nightmares

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A leasing firm has revealed nightmare stories of car salesmen’s weird, expensive and downright hilarious test drive experiences.

Over 200 car sales folk were asked about their most alarming experiences, and there were some cracking tales among them; to give a sample quote: “It was when we arrived in Dover I actually throught a kidnap was taking place.”

One salesman, Mohammed, explained how a customer on a test drive asked ‘to collect something’
from a local shop while en route. That ‘something’ turned out to be a boot full of paving slabs which Mohammed had to help unload; no wonder the punter asked to try out the estate version of the vehicle in question!

One Essex dealership offers 24 hour drives for top of the range models, and, in that space of time, says salesman David, one prospective customer managed to clock up an impressive 1,200 miles! He’d decided to pop up to Scotland, as you do. At least he’ll have got a decent feel of the car!

Fellow sales agent, Stacey, remembered a customer who, on leaving the forecourt, managed to plough straight into a bus, recording surely the shortest test drive in history in the process. Stacey didn’t even have a sale to console her after her traumatic experience. Apparently, the customer didn’t like the brakes on her prospective model.

Another customer, an elderly gentleman, went into a hedge, writing off the trial vehicle.

For salesman Greg, a routine test driver became the stuff of nightmares when two of the customer’s heavy-set mates clambered in the back. “They looked like gorillas,” he recalls.

The group ended miles from the regular test drive route – in the queue for the Dover Ferry! Thankfully all was well in the end, and Greg never had to dial the third ‘9’ on his phone; apparently the driver, who would go on to buy the car, thought the directions he was being given were just suggestions.

There is a serious message for salesman amidst all this: check your potential buyer’s insurance before beginning a test drive, whether you are selling privately or through a dealership. You need to ensure you, and the test driver, are covered for even the worst case scenario. Many dealers arrange seven-day ‘drive away’ insurance, ensuring they are covered for nightmare situations such as the ones above.