Can car stickers make you a target?

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This week you may well have seen a story across the news about a vicar who was allegedly threatened with having her car insurance voided as she had religious stickers visible on her vehicle.

Apparently, she had not informed her insurance company about these stickers, with the insurance company declaring them modifications similar to spoilers and lowered suspension.

The public has been outspoken in their response to the insurance company’s decision to possibly void Rev Wena Parry’s insurance policy. While we agree that the actions of the insurer were excessive, there is another area to be considered here: did the stickers help make the car a target for vandals?

The insurance company only found out about Rev Parry’s stickers after she made a claim following vandals breaking in to her Vauxhall Zafira outside her home in Cymmer, near Port Talbot. The unfortunate truth is that there are people out there who, rather than breaking in to vehicle to take something from its interior, do it almost for recreation; stickers of the type that Rev Parry had visible on her vehicle can act as a target for this particular sort of vandal.

This is not just confined to religion of course, football stickers have been known to cause similar issues. Park your car in the wrong part of town and it’s not unusual to return to a broken window thanks to the actions of a rival fan. This has been known with personalised number plates too; in some instances, they can actually limit where you can drive and safely leave your vehicle without fear of any harm coming to it.

So do keep this all in mind before you add stickers, banners or anything else that marks your car as out of the ordinary. While it may attract its fair share of admiring glances, it can also get the attention of the type of people you would prefer stay away from you and your vehicle.

But just for the record, no, here at Total Insurance, we wouldn’t class car stickers as ‘modifications’, that’s a little too much!