BMW 8 Series

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The launch of the BMW 8 Series has been highly anticipated, especially by one of us here!

It was in 1989 that the original BMW 8 Series was launched at the Frankfurt motor sure. What followed was BMW producing a car for 10 years that dominated the coupe centre stage. But then sadly, BMW didn’t make it for a while, until now!

Released June 2018, the 8 Series is taking the motor industry by storm and turning everyones head! If they claim not to interested by it or like it, they are probably lying!

So what makes the new 8 Series so Special?

Apart from packing a 4.4 V8 with 0 – 60 in 3.6 seconds (yes, that is Lamborghini quick), the luxury cruiser has loads to boast including sleek narrow headlights, athletic contours and a dominating presence offering both ultimate luxury and class leading sport performance.

Elegant Details

As standard, the BMW 8 Series will come in an M Sport model. Coupled with a read M Sport Spoiler and impressive brake system, the world class coupe will come with adaptive LED headlights, 20″ alloy wheels and an optional carbon roof and enhanced take on the iconic kidney grills.

An Interior Like No Other

BMW has released a new interior for their new luxury cruiser. As always, BMW retains the driver-orientated centre console but incorporates the screen more into the dash preventing it from looking like a cheap unthought add-on like many other car brands. Merino leathers strips built into the seats heightens the senses whilst ambient interior lighting, Harman/Kardon loudspeaker system and frameless rear view mirror offer un-rivalled luxury.

New World Engines

If there is one thing BMW have ALWAYS got right, it is there engines. Of the past 3 years, BMW has been releasing newly designed engines offering industry leading power AND economical performance. Owning a modern day engine really is having your cake and eating it! Powering you from 0 to 62mph in 3.7 seconds, the twin power turbo eight-cylinder petrol engine creates an incredible 530hp.

Delivered to the road via the incredible xDrive system, dynamic damper control and integral active steering, overtaking is easy and joyful. Toyota once used the slogan ‘The car in-front, is a Toyota’. With BMW putting this much power down combined with this much stability, it is unlikely the car in front will ever be a Toyota again with BMW able to dominate the front of the traffic. ‘The car in front is a BMW’ is far more app for this day in age.

Your Seat

Launching with the new 7.0 operating system, the 8 Series has a collective of intuitive and personalised controls. Further more, the 10.25″ is perfectly positioned to deliver the driver all the information they require whilst the 12.3″ digital instrument cluster delivers all the essential information with precision.