AXA buys Global Insurance Management

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AXA have just bought Global Insurance Management; the company provides a vast array of products relating to the motoring industry, such as MoT, tyre fitter insurance and mechanical breakdown covers to dealers and manufacturers alike across the globe.

The company also supplies supermarkets and car retailers with numerous products and also offers FSA regulation support.

John Gilbert, managing director of Global, said:  “Having worked in partnership with AXA for almost 40 years, developing tailored insurance products for clients across the UK and in more than 39 countries overseas, an acquisition by AXA Assistance is the next logical step for Global.

Gilbert continues to expand on his statement, saying: “Our reputation for delivering profitable, compliant, sustainable insurance solutions for leading brands led to us becoming the worldwide centre of warranty excellence for the AXA Group, and today’s announcement means an even brighter future for Global and our clients.”

Corinne Vitrac, managing director of AXA Creditor also stated: “We were looking for a recognised partner, a market leading administration platform specialised in mechanical breakdown and GAP with international tools and experiences to reinforce our capabilities towards car manufacturers and to meet the ambitious objective of the Group. This operation will enable us offering wider insurance solutions to accompany existing and future clients on broader scope.”

Adding to the above statements, Bruno Jantet, AXA Assistance regional CEO for Europe, said: “Global brings a wealth of complementary skills and competences, as well as wide ranging expertise, and a state-of-the-art tool for the industry.

“This model provides Global with exceptional scope as AXA’s centre of excellence for extended warranty and related services which can be used to provide Global’s expertise around the world.”