Age is nothing but a number (for motor trade insurance)

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It can sometimes seem that the insurance industry has a grudge against young people when it comes to getting their own insurance.

Car insurance is the most well known one, with many young people paying four figure sums even for the oldest, slowest cars on the road. Now, with so many of our young people being encouraged into apprenticeships, and jobs where they can learn a trade “on the job”, it’s more common than ever to find under 25s working in the motor trade industry.

If you’re a young person trying to purchase your own motor trade insurance, there are some things you can do to help lower the prices you’re quoted. If you insure your own car, you may find that some insurers will look at your insurance history for that, so a good history of no claims bonus can work in your favour. If you have an existing motor trade policy, they’ll certainly look at your no claims history on that. Just like with a car insurance policy, location is also a factor. Insurers have a database of areas which they consider high risk, and if your place of work falls into one of those, you may find your premiums are higher than you’d expect.

If you’re a motor trade business employer with a young employee, Total Insurance can help you, too. You’ll obviously want your employees to have the opportunity to work on any vehicle, without limitation, and we’d be happy to help you make that happen, finding the right policy, at the most competitive price, with all the right features for your business.

For more information, or to obtain a competitive quote for motor traders insurance, give Total Motor Trade Insurance a call today or read more on How Does Traders Insurance Work?