Best Cars for Buying and Selling in 2019

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2019 is fast approaching and the forward thinking individual may be considering what cars to keep a look at for to buy and sell at the turn of the year. Many people choose to do a little part time trading in order to supplement their income. As a part time motor trader though, it is not always easy to quickly identify the best cars for buying and selling.

Historically, cars topping the ‘fast selling’ list through constant demand are Ford Fiestas, Ford Focuses and Vauxhall Corsa’s. The market heading towards demanding smaller cars that are ideal for the city with smaller engines and lower insurance premiums is nothing new. The cost of running a vehicle is also typically a huge factor and often takes priority when consumers are choosing a vehicle. The Fiestas and Corsa’s are of course typically cheaper to buy and even cheaper to run.

So, what cars should I consider next year then?

There are so new opportunities to be found in 2019. With 2018 being a huge hit for SUV’s (after all, it has been known as the year of the SUV’s), affordable SUV’s such as a Suzuki Jimny are likely to see and increase in demand on the second hand market. Now in its 4th generation, the Suzuki Jimny could well see a resurgence much like what we saw with Mini and Fiat 500, both of which have been expanded on massively to cater different needs in the modern world.

Rise of the Hybrid and Electric Car

Although very new to the market still, Hybrids and electric cars are taking the world by storm. The Tesla Model 3 is now the fastest selling car in America. This particular model is due to reach the UK mid 2019 which will cause a storm in electric car sales. Although it is unlikely the common motor trader is unlikely to see these soon, demand in older Hybrids such as a Nissan Lead or Toyota Prius, maybe even some Hybrid BMW’s will see gains in the second hand market.

Please check with your insurer before stocking electric cars to ensure you are suitably covered. If you are a part time trader that is unsure, you can always apply for Part Time Traders Insurance online should you need a new policy.

The Clio Returns

The Clio was a firm favourite amongst car owners through the 2000’s. Guess what, it is soon to return! With any revamp of such an iconic car comes the demand for the retro. Opting to buy and sell a few Clio’s in 2019 may seen some good profits with them being both small and economical as well as in demand.

So if you are looking for some inspiration for your car sales, then look for the small economical cars, retros taking a revamp and those pushing plenty of hybrid tech!