Reduce your van insurance price in five easy steps

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If your van is the key to your occupation, you need to make sure it’s on the road safely and legally at all times. This is really important if the vehicle is at the heart of what you do, for example, if you’re a courier, taxi driver or you drive an HGV. Your van insurance doesn’t need to be the most expensive part of your job though. There are plenty of ways to keep the costs down.

1. Take everything out overnight

If it’s possible, empty your van of your tools and equipment at night. Some insurers will happily discount your policy if your van is empty, as it means that there’s nothing there for thieves to help themselves to. Less risk to the insurer means a cheaper policy for you.

2. Check your trade body or union

If you’re a member of NICEIC, Gas Safe, Federation of Master Builders, Federation of Master Craftsmen or The FPDC, declaring this to certain insurers will also bring your cost down. Make a quick call to your trade body and see if you’re eligible.

3. Bigger isn’t always better

Do you really need a van that size, or could you carry on your business with a smaller vehicle? The bigger the van, and longer the wheelbase, the more powerful the engine tends to be, so downsizing could be the key to smaller insurance costs.

4. Put your name on it

Remember how you had to put your name on your PE kit at school so everyone knew it was yours? The same applies to your commercial vehicle. Statistically, vans with signage on are less likely to be stolen. It’s important to declare that you’ve got signage on your van, as it could keep costs down. However, adding signage midway through a policy is classed by some insurers as a modification, so do check first if you’ve not got signage already. 

5. Transfer your no claims bonus

Did you know a no claims bonus from your car can be used on your van with many insurers? If you’re a safe driver, let your insurer know so that you can be rewarded for it.

Of course, the best way to save money on your commercial insurance is to speak to the experts at Total Insurance. Whatever occupation you need insurance for, we’ll help you find the best deal at a great price.