Paper driving licences to be scrapped from June 2015

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Recently the DVLA has launched a comprehensive package of reform measures that are intended to make licensing greener,

faster and more user-friendly. Following the abolition of the paper tax disc last year, the DVLA is now removing the requirement for drivers to have a paper licence – from June 2015 drivers will only need the plastic photocard to show their licence status. Take a look at how this might impact on you and what you should do in order to be prepared.

If you currently have both a photocard and a paper licence

The DVLA indicates that after June 8th 2015 drivers should destroy the paper licence and just keep the photocard. Although endorsements won’t be shown on the card, when it comes to insurance or other matters that require a disclosure of driving convictions or licence points, motorists will be able to log on to in order to get access to their driving record.

If you currently only have a paper licence

A paper licence is still valid after June 8th 2015, but should you submit it to have a change of details recorded (for example a house move) a photocard licence will be sent out instead. There is currently no charge for swapping a paper licence to a photocard licence, but a £20 fee will be charged each time the photo card licence needs to be renewed (every decade). Remember that if your licence isn’t up to date then you can be fined up to £1000!

It is expected that the evolution from paper to plastic will be a gradual one, with a growing number of motorists making the swap over the next few years. Not only will the use of the plastic card reduce paper wastage, it’s also hoped that storing driver information on convictions digitally rather than on the licence will reduce the likelihood of this valuable information being misplaced, as well as making access to it faster and more convenient. The changes should hopefully reduce the problems that lost or incorrect licenses can cause when it comes to insurance renewal or other important matters.