Most reckless driving distractions revealed!

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It’s well known that being distracted at the wheel is a leading cause of accidents. Now a new survey for an insurance firm in the States has revealed some of the most unbelievable ones.

It found that a range of offences which were confessed to, including taking selfies while driving.

According to the study, just over two fifths (42%) of motorists admitted they engaged in distracting behaviour while in control of their vehicles, and one in five even admitted that they only behave that way when they are on their own in the car.

A senior executive at the firm which commissioned the study said: “Anything causing a driver to stop concentrating on the road can be classed as a distraction.

“We found motorists admitting to a broad range of potentially dangerous, distracting activities.”

The poll was carried out online earlier this year among 1,915 adults, all of whom were aged at least 18.

Among the most common were:

• Romantic encounter/kissing – 15%, with more men having admitted to doing this than women.
• Styling or combing hair – 15%.
• Changing clothes – 9%. We’re trying not to think about this one two much! Truly the mind boggles …
• Putting on make-up – 8%, with another 1% admitting to curling eyelash. Making up may be hard to do, but it’s even harder if you are controlling a vehicle at the same time.
• Flossing or brushing teeth – 4%. It seems the worst offenders are drivers in their mid-fifties to mid-sixties.
• Taking selfies – 4%. Again, the mind truly boggles. There is no way you can handle a car and a mobile phone at the same time.
• Changing drivers – 3%. Again, there is no way you can do this safely.
• Going to the toilet – 3%. We’re sorry, we know this one isn’t particularly pleasant. It seems that men are the worst offenders. What’s wrong with using a service station in the usual manner?

Some of these may defy belief. But there is a serious message here, whatever you drive. If you’re behind the wheel of car, you can’t do anything else.