Man gets 62 points on his licence – and is still allowed on the road!

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This extraordinary case is certainly a strange one, and has gathered a lot of media attention lately, as a man seems to have accumulated a stunning 62 points on his driving licence without getting banned from being on the road!

Whilst 12 penalty points is typically seen as the threshold before driving bans are issued out. It Is not unheard of for the number of acceptable points to be raised above 12, if the judge thinks there is a valid reason to do so.

In theory, a driver could be allowed on the road regardless of how many penalty points they have on their licence, whether its 20 or, in the case of the recent media spectacle, 62.

This is because despite popular belief, 12 points on a drivers licence does not automatically equate to a mandatory ban. Instead, an appeal can be made to the court to consider the consequences of imposing a driving ban on one’s livelihood, or lifestyle. If there is a strong case to be made that the offender should have good reason to continue driving, or that is of the upmost importance, then it rests upon the judge’s shoulders to issue a ban, or let the offender continue to drive on the road.

These exceptional circumstances usually find themselves applying to those whose careers reside very much on the road. Professional drivers, couriers or sales reps are often able to convince judges that being unable to drive would absolutely destroy their livelihood.

Still, despite leniency being a usual occurrence for anyone who is a professional driver, to see the accumulation of 62 points can only be as a result of the rapid accumulation of points in a short amount of time, or exceptional circumstances.

Indeed, mobile speed camera uses can cause a rapid accumulation of points, as mobile speed cameras can be set up on usual routes to work which may catch many people unawares and lead to a substantial amount of driving points being accumulated in an extremely short time.

If a driver is caught speeding twice a day – once on the way to work and once on the way home – he or she could easily accrue 30 or more penalty points in a five day period, which is how we presume the man in question has managed to accumulate 62 points on his licence.