Land Rover – The Brand with the Highest Post Warranty Claims

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Land Rover have just been revealed as the vehicle brand with the highest number of post warranty claims, according to a report that analysed claims from Warranty Direct customers over the past three years.

So what were the causes of these claims?

The most common authorised claims across all vehicle brands and makes were for suspension repairs, as well as repairs to vehicle axles – these made up 21% of claims.

Furthermore, Electrical faults and issues followed up in second place, taking a 20% share of claims.

Following in third place came claims for emissions related faults, such as problems with the catalytic convertors on vehicles and lastly, cooling system faults and issues caused 8% of all vehicle claims.

Whilst the luxury vehicle brand Bentley proved to have the most expensive authorised claims, averaging at £1,358, Land Rover were not far behind on their average cost per claim. Indeed, the figures showed that an average Land Rover claim followed an average of £1,324.

Other brands that saw a high percentage of claims were Jaguar, Vauxhall and Renault, as they also placed at the top of the spectrum for brands with the highest number of authorised claims.

As for why the costs are so staggeringly high, the analysis suggests that labour intensive part repair and replacement was the cause. As such, parts like gearboxes took the lead for the most expensive authorised claim after manufacturer warranty had run out. This is most likely due to the complexity of repairs, and the high labour costs associated with them.

These results were produced via analysis reports for authorised claims made across vehicles that were four years old. The range of the study was chosen due to the average manufacturer warranty lasting three years for new vehicles on the marketplace.

Over the past three years, approximately £250,000 was paid out for claims across the vehicle marketplace.

Simon Ackers, CEO of Warranty Direct, said: “Our latest information on the most common costs and claims for vehicles post-manufacturer warranty should offer valuable insight for consumers whose vehicles are approaching the four-year mark. Those who currently possess certain brands, which have displayed more issues or expensive repairs, would be wise to consider purchasing an extended warranty once their manufacturer’s runs out. This could be more cost-effective in the long run and a good way to prepare for any future concerns.”