Fastest Ferrari ever – at €2.5 million apiece – races off order book

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Italian luxury sports carmaker Ferrari has unveiled its most powerful model yet, the LaFerrari FXXK, which comes with a 1,035-horsepower engine – and a €2.5 million price tag. Just 32 of this beefed-up model will be produced, and if you’re thinking you might like one for yourself, sorry, they’re already sold out.

When the lucky owners take delivery of their sparkling new vehicles, they’ll be able to enjoy the brain-shattering experience of going from zero to 62 miles per hour in an incredible three seconds. They won’t be able to do that, or any other kind of speeds, on the roads, however, because this astronomically priced vehicle can’t legally be used on public roads and is designed solely for the track. Even more disappointing is news that it also can’t be used for major racing competitions, because it’s not eligible.

All we can do, meanwhile, is gaze at this marvel of motoring manufacturing in deep-green envy. There really isn’t any reason to despair, however, because if you have a million or so to spare and would love to get your hands on something like LaFerrari FXXK, there’s good news. This latest model, unveiled in all its glittering, angular glory at the Ferrari World Finals in Abu Dhabi, is based on the more simply named LaFerrari, a hybrid “supercar” revealed at the Geneva Auto Show in 2013. Just under 500 of those cars are planned for production and they’re slightly more affordable at around $1.69 million each. (Plus you can drive it on the road – how else are you going to stop traffic and turn heads?)

So how does the more expensive FXXK differ from LaFerrari? As with everything concerning the revered automaker, it’s all about speed; the new, track-only version is a whopping five seconds faster than its predecessor, as tested around Ferrari’s own Fiorano track. The FXXK is also 50 percent more aerodynamically efficient, and is 90 kilograms lighter.

We can be certain that one thing those wealthy few dozen Ferrari customers will be doing is ensuring they have enough insurance in place – imagine the eye-watering premiums – in case anyone nicks their new high-power toys, or, worse, if they total them while out whizzing around the track.

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