Ever wondered what cars of the future may look like?

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The car of the future is more office than car, according to one motoring design firm, as it unveiled a number of concepts that include seats that transform into a living area.

Ideo, a design firm based in California, wanted to know what cars will look like in the next 15 years and set about finding out. Advances in healthcare mean a lot of people will be living to around 100 years of age and increasingly our natural resources will be used up, while technology will develop at ever faster rates, according to the company. That, it says, will alter the way things, including cars, are made.

Releasing its designs for “the future of automobilty”, Ideo says that right now transport and infrastructure is inefficient, but with improved designs and manufacturing techniques that will change. Daily commutes to the office will be fast and enable productivity along the way – because many people won’t be doing the driving, with the car’s on-board computer in control.

Indeed, for some, there won’t be any need to travel to the office at all – the office itself will be on wheels, and be able to drive around to wherever it’s needed, with workers inside getting a clear view of what’s outside through its large windows that serve as walls. The very idea of having to commute to a location to do business will become a thing of the past, the company says.

Where to park such an invention when it’s not on the road? Why, in a parking lot, of course. Ideo says there are around 600 million parking spaces in cities across the US alone, and as driverless vehicles become the norm in the coming years, there will be less demand for parking zones, freeing them up for the mobile office.

The company has also designed a futuristic-looking delivery “tube” that will be able to drop off and pick up whatever items are needed, and it will have robot on board that will be able to sort through packages. Like all the concept designs, it’s transparent, with lots of glass.

Lets hope that the reduction of human control within these amazing futuristic cars can help save on the cost of your insurance!