Auto Trader Reveals the UK’s Fastest Selling Used Cars

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Auto trader have just released the statistics for the fastest selling cars on their website  for the month of  August, so pay close attention, take notes, and make sure you capitalise on these cars whilst the demand is high!

Auto trader have reported that the Kia Sportage was the car with the least uptime on its website, taking only 17 days to sell on average, making it officially the fastest selling car of August.

This report marks the first time that the Sportage has claimed the monthly top spot, but it must be noted that the Kia was labelled as the fastest selling car of 2016.

The Vauxhall Insignia followed closely behind the Kia, and claimed the second place spot, taking an average of just 20 days to sell.

The Ford Kuga trailed by an average of just one sale, and cemented its place as August’s third fastest selling car.

The Renault Zoe seemed to have appeared out of nowhere this month, as it quickly accelerated to the fourth fastest selling used car of August – taking just 21 days to sell.

Unfortunately, for the third time this year, no diesel car has managed to make its way onto the fastest selling car list, as concerns over diesel vehicles emission productions continue to act as a deterrent for diesel motors.

Karolina Edwards-Smajda, Auto Trader retailer and consumer products director, has stated that:

“The Sportage continues to offer consumers exceptional value and peace of mind, not least because of Kia’s superb seven-year warranty,”

“The addition of an all-electric vehicle for the second time ever, coupled with the lack of any diesels in the national top 10 does suggest we’re seeing an important development within the UK used car market. With the ongoing negative rhetoric directed towards diesel and the continued sophistication of EV technology, I’m confident we’ll see more of this over the coming months.”

Results for the UK’s Fastest Selling Cars in August:

RankDescriptionAverage Days to SellAverage Price PositionAverage Retail Price
12015 Kia Sportage SUV Petrol Manual1797.39%£13,671
22012 Vauxhall Insignia Hatchback Petrol Manual2098.62%£5,394
32016 Ford Kuga SUV Petrol Automatic2199.29%£24,112
42015 Renault Zoe Hatchback Electric Automatic2198.82%£6,248
52012 Ford Fiesta Hatchback Petrol Automatic2199.71%£6,395
62012 Vauxhall Zafira MPV Petrol Manual2299.72%£5,804
72015 Kia Rio Hatchback Petrol Manual2399.04%£7,902
82016 Hyundai ix20 Hatchback Petrol Manual2398.54%£10,662
92016 Mercedes-Benz C Class Saloon Petrol Manual23100.60%£17,585
102016 Peugeot 2008 SUV Petrol Automatic2398.11%£12,931