CV Show 2018 sees launch of new interconnected multi-camera system

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Intelligent Telematics has announced that Commercial Vehicle Show in April will see the launch of its new 3G multi-camera system that offers complete evidence for use in fleet insurance claims.

Perfect launch choice

The CV Show is the largest and most comprehensive road transport and commercial vehicle event in the UK and will be held from April 24-26 at Birmingham’s NEC. HGV transport and courier operations will see the greatest choice of products and services than can be found anywhere in the UK.

It’s, therefore, the perfect place to launch a new product which will provide incontrovertible proof of exactly what has happened in situations where a courier insurance or HGV insurance claim has been made.

Joined up multiple camera system

Intelligent Telematics has developed the system as a result of customer demand. Having found that there was no system on the market that offered the right levels of dependability, connectivity and usability, the company decided to develop its own system for commercial fleet customers.

The system will cope with up to four internal or external cameras, allowing a complete picture to be built up of an incident that’s led to an insurance claim.

The connected camera system will offer automated and manual options for uploading evidence for safe-keeping, using a DVR system with solid-state memory for reliability and speed. The system will integrate into Intelligent Telematics’ existing systems and a vehicle’s CANbus so that engine RPM, vehicle speed and mileage readings can be stored with video footage. The company believes that this is a first.

Effect on HGV and courier insurance

Total Insurance Comparison commented recently on the effect that fleet dashcam footage can have on motor trade insurance and Intelligent Telematics agrees.

Partnerships & marketing director of Intelligent Telematics, Sam Footer said: “With spiralling insurance costs, fleets are increasingly looking at ways to reduce exposure to risk and better manage claims. Vehicle cameras are now a proven means of achieving this.”

At the CV Show, Intelligent Telematics will be joined by partners with complementary services that can further decrease exposure to risk and therefore control HGV Insurance and courier insurance costs for fleets.