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Working with specialist lorry insurance brokers, we can help you compare vehicle transporter insurance allowing you to find the best policy.

What is delivery and collection agents insurance?

Vehicle transporter insurance, also know as ‘delivery and collection agents insurance’ is a specific type of policy for those transporting vehicles through the use of another vehicle such as a HGV.

Policies are tailored to cover both driving the transporter as well as the vehicles you carry and any public liability.

Vehicle transporters insurance will provide this for you and will be provided by a specialist HGV insurance broker.

Do I need vehicle transporter insurance?

If you are collecting other vehicles through the use of a HGV and transporting them, then yes, you do need vehicle transporter insurance.

Collecting vehicles and delivering them to other locations using a HGV of any size will mean you are at times carrying a large level of high value items often not belonging to you.

What is covered by a policy?

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  • Commercial use is defined as using the vehicle for financial gain.
  • An operators licence is a legal requirement to be able to operate a HGV in the UK.
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