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Total Insurance can help you save money on truck insurance

You don’t have the time to search for a truck or HGV insurance quotes if you work all day on a truck that weighs 7.5 tonnes or more.

Do you need cheap truck insurance that will cover your truck or trailer?

Total Insurance and our network of UK insurance providers may be able help you save money on truck insurance. We offer a free, impartial and simple-to-use truck insurance comparison.

These are just four of the main benefits you will get from us when you choose Total to provide truck insurance. No matter if you are looking for skip, tipper or dumper insurance, we have the right insurance provider to provide you with a quote on truck insurance based on your needs.

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Most people agree that it is good to pay the lowest possible premium. You may not be able to find every company that you need, which can take time.

We can make all the difference. You can fill out one form and we will do the rest. We will then pass your details to our UK insurance provider network. They will contact you to help you find the right truck insurance for you.

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Our panel members are all regulated by Financial Conduct Authority, and we are also regulated.

Guide to truck insurance

A truck insurance policy is required to drive a truck or HGV in the UK. It would be legal to drive a truck or HGV on UK roads. Any insurance that could provide protection in the event of an accident is also possible.

Insurance requirements for truck drivers and owners of multiple trucks could be similar. It doesn’t matter if a vehicle is regularly used or not, as insurance is still required unless the vehicle has been removed from the road.

Consider these things when looking into truck insurance

Although truck insurance may appear the same as other vehicles, it could have different questions. A person looking for truck insurance might ask about the type of driving the vehicle may be doing. The truck insurance policy could also be affected by whether a truck is used for business purposes. Factors that could influence the final premium include having more than one truck or traveling with the vehicle into Europe.

HGV license

While different types and sizes of vehicles may be covered by a regular driver’s licence, it is possible that a truck driver will need an HGV license. This may seem simple, but truck drivers might have more complicated needs that could require specialist insurance.

Different types of truck insurance coverage

Truck insurance can be tailored to suit each truck owner’s needs. While those looking for low-cost truck insurance might only need the minimum coverage, those who have expensive trucks may require comprehensive insurance to cover all eventualities. These are the most common types of truck insurance:

Third Party – This is the minimum requirement to be able to legally travel in the UK. It may provide coverage for passengers and third-party property, but not for third parties. You may also be covered for liability if you tow a caravan or trailer.

Third Party, Fire & Theft – This is generally the same as third-party coverage but may provide additional protection in the form of fire damage, theft, or damage during a theft.

Comprehensive insurance – This could provide truck drivers with the best protection through an insurance policy. This policy usually covers everything third party, fire, and theft, but it could also include insurance protection for windscreen damage as well as medical expenses, accidental damage, and personal effects, as well as loss or damage to trucks.

Every policy is different, so it’s a good idea to read the terms and conditions before you buy. You may get a lower premium if you use telematics devices to monitor your driving habits and calculate premiums accordingly.

What is a HGV?

The best way to determine the type and cost of UK truck insurance is to identify the vehicle. Each policy can be quite different depending on what the individual needs.

Truck owners might prefer to have truck insurance, but there are a few truck owners who may not require this type of coverage. Van cover could be a better option for those truck owners. It all depends on the individual’s needs.

There is no standard HGV weight classification. Each insurer may have a different policy. One classification could be as low as 3.5 tonnes, while others could be more high at 75 tonnes.

Compare truck insurance policies

Many truck drivers and truck owners might prefer to shop online for truck insurance. It could be the easiest way to find the lowest truck insurance because all the information can be accessed in one place. It can be tedious to contact each insurance company individually and it may not yield accurate results depending on the individual’s needs.

It may be easier to do a comparison online when searching for truck insurance.

It is possible to add additional coverages to your truck insurance policy. You may be able to add things like breakdown coverage, goods in transit, and public liability to your truck insurance policy.

Additional protection may be required for truck drivers who transport hazardous goods or materials. You may need specialist insurance that is easier to buy through comparison services.

Finding cheap truck insurance

Although truck insurance can be expensive, it is worth considering. Although it is not possible to get cheap truck insurance, online shopping could save you some money.

Prices could be kept lower by having security cameras and other safety features, as well as making sure drivers have clean driving licences before adding them to a policy.

It is not always possible to get insurance quickly. Before you commit to any purchase, make sure that everything meets your individual needs.

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