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What is tipper truck insurance?

Tipper truck insurance is a specific type of insurance policy designed to insure tipper trucks on or around building sites. Tipper lorries are the work horse for moving material around farms of constructions sites, as such, a specially wrote policy is needed.

What is covered by tipper insurance?

Like normal HGV insurance, you will be able to insure your tipper with various levels of cover. Driving a tipper is considered high risk so you will want to consider some additional policy extras.

Tipper insurance will be able to cover

  • Your tipper lorry or tipper van
  • Goods in transit
  • Public liability
  • Employers liability
  • European cover

Do I need tipper truck insurance?

If you operate a tipper truck or tipper van in any capacity, you will require insurance. It is a legal requirement to insure your vehicle for use on UK roads.

When driving and operating of constructions sites or farms, you will also need public liability insurance.

Getting a tipper quote

Firstly you’ll need to choose how much cover you would like surrounding your own vehicle. This level of cover ranges from third party, third party fire and then and fully comprehensive.

Once you have decided what level of vehicle insurance you want, you will want to consider some additional addons that will allow you to work freely for most companies.

Once all this has been decided, it’s time to talk to an insurance broker who will be able to find you competitive insurance.

Can I get cheap insurance?

Being able to get a cheap tipper truck insurance policy will be determined by a number of things. These include primarily your age, driving experience, no claims bonus and area of operation.

Regardless of this though, we work with specialist insurance brokers to help you compare tipper quotes ensuring you find a value for money insurance policy.

You can also help reduce the cost of your policy by being a member of the road haulage association.

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