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We work with some industry leading Skip Lorry Insurance brokers enabling you to better find an insurance policy that is right for you and your business.

Whether you are a private owner with a single vehicle or own multiple skip trucks, we can help you find a competitive HGV Insurance policy.

What is Skip HGV Insurance?

The insurance cover for your skip lorry will be tailored to cover the individual aspects of your business. Polices can have cover in place that takes car of any accident damage when delivering or collecting a skip. We suggest checking with the advisors as to what level you are protected up to.

The cover will also cover you for standard road road such as driving from job to job as well as the expected fire and theft element in association with the truck.

Cover Breakdown

Similar to your private car insurance policy, insurance comes in 3 main areas.

Third Party Cover is the absolute minimum cover required. This will cover you for damage caused to anyone else apart from yourself or belongings. For example, should you damage a wall load a skip full or dirt, you will be able to make a claim. It is always wise to check with the advisors on this though.

Third Party Fire and Theft Cover includes the above but also covers your skip lorry should it be stolen or catch fire.

Comprehensive Cover includes all the above but will also cover most aspects of your own property even when at fault.

Additional Skip Lorry Cover

All business requirements are different but when talking to the advisor, you will be able to explain what risks are in association with your business and add additional cover where required.

Common additional cover includes extra drivers, should you only have one HGV but would like more than yourself to drive the vehicle, then let our advisors know who will insure this is included.

Why use us?

We work with specialist Skip Loader Insurance Brokers to help find you cheap skip truck cover. When talking with our agent, we will work out your risk profile and find the most relevant brokers that can offer you the cheapest skip cover.

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