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Compare classic lorry insurance

We understand you show huge dedication to restoring, maintaining and exhibiting your classic lorry, so we show the same in finding you classic lorry insurance!

We work with UK leading Vintage Vehicle brokers who have access to the most competitive policies. Classic Lorry Cover is tailored to cover all aspects of what you intend to use the vehicle for.

What is Classic HGV Insurance

Classic Trucks are used quite commonly for display purposes and events. As such, a greater level of protection for the actual truck is put in place to protect it from damage by the public.

Greater emphasis can also be placed on your public liability insurance to protect members of the public should you exhibit at events.

As it is not expected that you will do any miles in your Vintage HGV, it is also possible to implement a limited mileage policy that will help you possibly reduce the cost of you truck.

What to look out for when insuring your classic lorry

Your classic lorry is your pride and joy, whether you take it to classic vehicle rallies at the weekend, use it for work or usually tinker with it in your garden. So you need to ensure that it’s covered should the worst happen and it gets in an accident or breaks down. This is where classic HGV insurance comes in. Here are some tips to bear in mind when you’re searching for the perfect policy.

Choose a specialised provider

Classic vehicles vary widely, so you need an expert to make sure you get the best insurance for yours. An insurer who provides specialist classic vehicle cover will understand what makes your lorry special and how age, the specific model and other factors will influence the insurance you need. They’ll be able to tailor-make a plan that accounts for all the small details and doesn’t penalise you simply for owning an older vehicle.

Get a range of quotes

Make sure you get a range of quotes from different insurers so that you can compare premiums and coverage. This way you’ll be able to find the policy that suits your needs and budget best. If you only go to a couple of insurers, you risk paying more than you need to. Ideally, use an insurance broker to compare quotes as they will be able to source the best prices and plans from the leading specialist classic vehicle insurers. This will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Multi-vehicle insurance

If you own more than one classic vehicle – even if one of them is a HGV but the others aren’t, it can be beneficial to get a HGV Fleet Insurance policy. A bulk policy is frequently cheaper than insuring your vehicles separately.

Insurance through Total HGV Insurance

We make finding the best classic truck insurance for your vehicle easy. We work with a leading, award-winning classic HGV Insurance, so we can find you a policy that meets your needs, while saving you up to 60%! Flexible payment plans are available and filling out one form will get you quotes from a wide selection of providers. Enquire today.

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