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What is 7.5 Tonne Lorry Insurance?

7.5 Tonne Lorry Insurance is designed specifically to cover the slightly smaller trucks on the road.

If you operate a business that uses 7.5t lorries, then you may be better off applying for 7.5t lorry insurance as it will take into consideration the slightly lower level of risk compared to covering a full 44t HGV Insurance for instance.

What is covered by a 7.5t lorry policy?

You can expect your policy to include cover for all the usual areas that a normal HGV policy would cover. These can include but not limited to, the vehicle, the driver, the goods carried, any third parties and loss of earnings.

Policies come either fully comprehensive or third party but it is always suggested that you opt for a fully comprehensive option over a third party option as this will include proper cover for yourself.

Cheap 7.5T Lorry Insurance

Cheap 7.5 Tonne Lorry Insurance is not a given if you have not looked after your claims record or potentially new to the road.

If you are to obtain a cheaper policy, it is important that you maintain your insurance history keeping it in good standing order and free of claims or convictions.

If you are new to the HGV driving industry and don’t have much of a no claims record, don’t panic, we will still be able to help as long as you have an operators licence!

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