Vandalism is costing British drivers billions

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According to latest figures unearthed following a Freedom of Information (FoI) request, vandalism to vehicles is more than a mere inconvenience; it’s a billion-pound-a-year problem.

The released information revealed that vandalism to vehicles during 2017 cost approximately £1.9 billion, and there are no indications as of yet that this figure will fall. If anything, it would appear that vandalism is becoming more of a problem; according to the statistics, the total value of criminal damage to vehicles increased by a massive 9.5% from 2016 to 2017.

And, with the average cost of a vandalism-related repair estimated to be somewhere in the region of £661, it’s a problem that could be financially detrimental to anyone unlucky enough to find themselves a victim.

Could the problem be worse than first thought?

Police records released as part of the same FoI request show an additional problem, many criminals are getting away with the crimes they are committing. Apparently, over 60% of investigations into criminal damage don’t even get as far as identifying a suspect. And, when it comes to actually getting a conviction, figures are substantially more depressing.

A problem close to home?

The police figures also revealed that approximately 18% of drivers say they have had their car vandalised, while nearly half (41%) are confident they know the perpetrator. And, while this information is not necessarily a definitive indicator of people being specifically targeted by people they know, it does potentially reveal – somewhat anecdotally – that it pays to be nice.

The value of insurance

With vandalism on the rise, taking out adequate insurance on any vehicle – be it for personal or work use – is absolutely essential. And, for those people in charge of running and maintaining fleets, finding the right insurance can make a real difference should vandalism occur.

Similarly, making all employees aware of the right precautions to take so as to keep the right of vandalism to a minimum – keeping vehicles in a well-lit area when not occupied, or putting them in a garage if possible – can reduce premiums and save money.

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