Totals Engine Oil Receives OEN Approval

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International oil producer Total, has announced that one of its products, the Rubia TIR 9900 5W-30 has been accepted by and approved by Scania with an LDF-4 Approval.

The oil is industry leading with a whole range of benefits including engine protection, excellent anti wear performance, first rate thermal stability, easy cold start and extreme fuel economy.

The oil utilises it’s ‘anti-SAPS’ technology and can be used in ALL engines and is being well accepted by the likes of Scania, Mercedes, MAN, Volvo, Cummins, Renault, Iveco and more. The synthetic oil can also be used in a few gas engines.

Designed around the latest engines that use post treatment solutions, the Rubia TIR 9900 5W-30 is a must have oil for your HGV.

The benefit of this oils SAPS Technology combined with other economy promoting lubricants can allow you to save up to 1 litre of Diesel for every 100km travelled.

Additional benefits that users can expect to benefit from is reduced maintenance costs, extended oil change intervals, improved piston hear cleanliness and performance an increased life span of the post treatment system.

Combine the reduced costs of an efficient running and our cheap lorry insurance comparison service, running your haulage business just got a lot cheaper.