Tips on keeping your HGV Cargo safe

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HGV Drivers and Haulage Firms carry 1000’s of pounds worth of cargo on UK roads every single day of the year.

As a lorry driver, have you ever stopped to consider the value of the cargo that you are carrying? Each day a small percentage of that cargo is lost to damage or theft.

Here are some tips you can follow to help mitigate cargo theft.

Add GPS Tracking to your vehicles and trailers

In the event that your trailer becomes unattached from its cab for what ever reason, and then moved. You will need to know where it has gone so that you can reclaim it back. Any GPS device should be concealed so that it cannot be found by those wishing to tack the trailer.

Park in Safer Areas

Quite often it is required that you park up for a period of time, often over night while you sleep. Secure truck stops are always best but if not available, park in locations that are maybe well lit with CCTV in safer areas. This makes it harder to break into your trailer through fear of being caught.

Put in Place Security Protocols

Provide to your staff or book yourself onto security training. Security training will cover things like, never revealing the contents of your cargo, how to properly secure your vehicles and much more.

Carry out Background Checks

Stats show that thefts of or from lorry trailers are often ‘inside jobs’. The driver often has the keys for his trailers contents and if of that mind frame, will not think twice about pulling over and routing around.

Employ a screening agency that will check employees for past offences and employment infringements they may have made.

If it does all go wrong though, make sure you have correct HGV Insurance in place to cover against anything unfortunate.