What options are there for Lorry insurance?

lorry insurance options

If you’re looking to invest in a Lorry or hire one for a job, you’ll need to understand the different types of insurance available to you. This simple guide will help you to understand the different options and get the right level of cover.

What types of cover are there?

There are two types of HGV insurance cover. Picking the right one for you will save you from serious headaches if you do have an incident.

Own goods insurance

This insurance policy is appropriate for someone transporting only goods that belong to their own business. A good example would be a scaffolder or builder who is only moving owned equipment to and from particular sites.

Haulage insurance

This insurance will cover any goods that you are transporting on behalf of someone else. If you are transporting hired equipment or are transporting goods for reward then this is the correct insurance to have. If you are charging a fee to move someone else’s goods then this is also the insurance cover for you.

What levels of cover are there?

There are three levels of HGV insurance cover, following the same pattern as car insurance. You will be able to opt for Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire and Theft or Third Party Only.


This is the best cover available, protecting you from any damage to your lorry, third-party liability and fire, theft and loss.

Third party, fire and theft

This will protect you from any third-party liability for damage caused to other drivers or property not your own. Passenger and pedestrian injury is also covered and so is loss or damage caused by fire or theft. Damage to your own vehicle is not covered.

Third party only

This is the minimum legal level of insurance required. This will cover only damage to property and others. You will not be covered against loss or damage caused by fire or theft.

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