Difference between HGV or LGV Licences

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If you are looking to gain either a HGV licence or LGV licence, you main have found yourself coming across many other industry terms also used to refer to the same thing.

Many new drivers starting out in the industry often struggle to work out what licence they need to carry out their desired workload.

What is the difference between licences

The term ‘LGV’ refers to 2 types of vehicle.

– ‘Light Goods Vehicle’ which would indicate a commercial vehicle much in the way of a large van or small tipper that weighs no more than 3.5 tonnes.
– ‘Large Goods Vehicles’ which is the official European term for a vehicle which is over 3.5 tonne in weight.

Commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonnes have their own licence category and therefore is essential that the driver has the relevant licence in order to drive that type of vehicle.

Examples of ‘large goods vehicles’ include fridge trucks, drop sides, flatbeds, curtain sliders, tippers, buttons, ADR, HiAb and Moffet.

HGV & LGV Licence Categories

C1 Licence

This licence enables a driver the use of a 7.5 tonne large goods vehicle or class 3 with a gross weight that’s no more than 7500kg with a trailer no more than a maximum authorised mass of 750kg. This licence is obtainable from the age of 18.

C1 Vehicles Include

Horseboxes, home removal trucks, ambulances and refrigerated grocery trucks.

C1+E Licence

This enables a driver the use of a 7.5 tonne + trailer where the trailer may be over 750kg providing that the authorised mass is not more than the unladen weight of the vehicle being driven

A combined trailer and vehicle authorised weight must not exceed 12,000 kg. This licence or category is an upgrade to C1.

C1+E Lorries Include

Roadside recovery trucks, farm delivery vehicles and livestock vehicles.

C Lorry Licence

This licence is also referred to as a Class 2 Licence or Rigid Licence. This enables the driver to drive any HGV’s with a trailer at maximum authorised mass of up to 750kg. A Class 2 Licence is obtainable from 18 years old.

C Licence Vehicles Include

Home & Commercial removal trucks, waste disposal trucks, gritter lorries, larger roadside recovery trucks and fire engines.

C+E Lorry Licence

This is a Class 1 Lorry Licence and allows the holder to drive any HGV where authorised load on both trailer or vehicle may exceed 750kgs. This is an upgrade to the C Licence.

This category can only be obtained when a driver successfully passes their C Category. The licence is split into 2 formulations where you can train on either a full artic lorry ‘waggon & drag’ (rigid vehicle with trailer).

It is essential you are fully qualified and remain up to date with regards to your lorry licence. Regulations are prone to change and it is recommended that you keep track of any changes.

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