How to save money on HGV Insurance

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If you are looking to save money on your HGV or Lorry insurance, read our guide below.

It contains the quickest and most popular ways to save money on your truck insurance cover. You may also be interested in read our article ‘HGV Insurance for Beginners‘. This will help you with what you need to get started.

Money saving Tip #1

Lower mileage or limited radius. If you only drive within a local radius (on average within a 100 mile radius) discounts can be applied as there is a lower risk involved.

Money saving Tip #2

Claim free driving letters. If you have worked for another haulage company before working elsewhere or for yourself, gain a letter backing up your no claims. Having this can lead to some discounts!

Money saving Tip #3

Ensure you HGV is fitted with a tracker and immobiliser as well as any other additional security. Having these fitted not only protects your HGV but the load you are carrying as well. Should your HGV get stolen, being able to track it gives a better chance of regaining both HGV and its load.

Money saving Tip #4

Limit the amount of drivers. If you can limit the amount of drivers or opt for a named driver’s only policy, premium discounts can be applied to your HGV Insurance quotation. Fewer drivers is associated with lower risk.

Money Saving Tip #5

Pay annually, by paying annual you avoid any finance fee’s you may incur by having a monthly direct debit policy.

You can apply for HGV Insurance with Total HGV Insurance. We will ask you the above questions to better help save you money!