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Compare Taxi Fleet Insurance

Working with specialist taxi fleet insurance providers, we are able to connect you with those who can help you the most!

The providers we work with will look exactly at what type of cover you need and find a policy that best suits you. Comparing policies is quick and easy. Simply complete our form and our advisors will instantly start looking at who can help you the most.

What do Taxi Fleet Policies cover?

A policy can be tailored to your exact needs. Generally though a policy will cover passengers and their belongings as well as the vehicles you use.

You can extend your policy to cover a lot more but by law, you must insure the third party and the passengers you are carrying.

How do I qualify for Taxi Fleet Cover?

Those who own a taxi firm and are looking to insure 3 or more vehicles qualify for taxi fleet cover. We can cover most plating authorities up and down the UK.

If you have less then 3 vehicles to insure, you can always apply for standard taxi insurance.

Why Choose Us?

Not only do we cut out the hassle and hard work on your end, but we can also reduce waiting times dramatically and make sure that the broker you speak to can implement a bespoke policy that suits your needs at the lowest possible cost. We try our best to help eliminate the stress and hassle that comes with a policy renewal.

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