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What is Multi Van Insurance?

Multi van insurance is commonly used by smaller companies that have a number of vans they wish to insure with one policy.

Often bought by couriers or builders alike, an insurance policy for multiple vans can help you save both time and money!

Benefits to a multiple van insurance policy

There are several great reasons as to why insuring your vehicles with one policy is a great idea. Here are a few of the main reasons though.

Only one policy to keep track of

As your vans will all be insured on one policy, there will only be one renewal date to keep track of. Say you have 5 vans to insure in the month of May. You will know that each year when May approaches, providing you renew that policy, all your vehicles will be insured.

It offers flexibility

A fleet policy offers flexibility in multiple ways.

Driving all vehicles

On a fleet policy, all your drivers will be listed. This means that your drivers will be able to drive any other van under that policy as opposed to listing them on separate policies.

Always double check this is the case with your insurer but it is a typical benefit of a fleet policy.

Adding or removing vehicles

It’s quite common for businesses of a slightly larger nature to be constantly changing vehicles. As such, you can add or remove vans at the drop of a hat. If you are in a garage about to buy a new van, you can ring your multi van insurance broker and add it there and then hassle free.

Not just vans

Just because you have a fleet van insurance policy, don’t mean you can add other types of vehicle. If you wish to add your own personal car, this can be done, providing the majority of vehicles on the policy are vans.

What’s covered in the policy

Like the vast majority of insurance policies, your multi-van insurance policy can be tailored to cover a whole number of things.

Primary cover levels

Your policy will come in one of the usual below three cover bands.

Third Party

Third party insurance covers only the the third party. Should you damage another persons vehicle or property, they will be covered but you will not.

Third party is also the bare minimum level of cover you must legally have.

Third Party Fire and Theft

This covers the same as above but also includes loss of your van through either fire or theft.

Comprehensive Cover

Comprehensive cover is the most full and bulletproof level of cover. In the event one of your van drivers has an accident, your own vehicle will also be covered.

Additional Fleet Cover

Having multiple vehicles on the road comes with increased rick of various natures and therefore you should consider some of the below addons.

Windscreen Cover

Your vehicles will spend a lot of time on the road and chips happen. Having windscreen cover will ensure all your vehicles remain properly protected against chips or cracks.

Breakdown Cover

Having vans in the road is essential, especially if you are a courier. Van breakdown cover is a good addon to have in the event this happens. If you are a courier company, check out our insurance for courier fleets.

Van Replacement

If you are a van down through loss or accident, you as a company won’t be able to operate as efficiently as normal. Being able to get an replacement van is of extreme benefit especially for businesses that deliver goods.

Why use us to compare multi van insurance quotes?

We work with specialist fleet insurance brokers who are able to cover and protect a wide range of fleet and business types.

When you apply with us for multiple van insurance, we will quickly look at our panel of specialist brokers and match you with who can help you most.

They will help you find a cheap policy that covers everything you need including things such as business cover.

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