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Compare HGV Fleet Insurance

We work with specialist HGV Fleet Insurance providers in order to help you compare policies tailored to you.

When applying with us, we take a look at your policy and match you with the most suitable brokers for your insurance needs. Applying is quick and easy with no long hold times or unwanted hassle.

We work with some of the industries most competitive fleet brokers to help find and compare HGV fleet insurance online!

Our brokers are able to cover all fleets from 3 vehicles up. Whether your fleet be mixed or just one type of vehicle, you can be sure they have a policy for your circumstances.

What is HGV Fleet Insurance?

Operating or managing a heavy goods vehicle fleet comes with plenty risk. With tens of thousands of pounds worth of goods moving around the UK each day, much of this is carried out by companies running several vehicles.

HGV Fleet cover is a policy that will cover multiple drivers over multiple vehicles to cover an agreed maximum value of goods. This removes the need to have singular HGV policies for each individual truck.

Why have a fleet policy over individual policies?

By having a haulage fleet cover, you will be able to run your business a lot more fluid by being able to move drivers around vehicles without having to notify a broker or take out a new policy each time a driver changes truck.

What will the insurance policy cover?

You policy will be tailored to your needs and cover anything to which you need it to cover.

The crux of the policy however will typically cover your drivers, your vehicles and the good you transport.

Your policy can also cover things like accidental damage, loss of earnings, vandalism and much more. Always feel free to ask our truck fleet insurance brokers for cover you wish to have.

If you need to cover any driver, make sure you ask for any driver lorry fleet insurance.

How is the cost of Fleet Cover worked out?

There are multiple elements that will affect your lorry fleet policy. The bigger affecting factors will be the value of the heavy goods vehicles, the size of the fleet, your drivers history and the average value of the goods you carry.

If you require cover to travel in or across Europe and other countries, this will also affect the cost of your policy.

All of your drivers must qualify for a HGV Insurance policy before they can be included on a cheap fleet insurance policy.

How to save money on my policy

If you are looking to reduce the cost of HGV fleet insurance, you should look to reduce the level of risk associate with your policy.

Ways to reduce cost are to:

– Vet and employ drivers with a clean license
– Name every driver and not opt for an any driver policy
– Keep the level of liability down to what it is you need
– Install trackers and security devices of all of your vehicles
– Install security that overseas your fleet when packed up such as CCTV and Fences etc
– Keep drivers over the age of 25 if possible

Why use Total Insurance?

We work with the UK leading, specialist Brokers that have great rates on multiple policies.
Our brokers can offer you:
– Professional & Knowledgeable Advisors to help you
– Up to 60% Introductory Discounts
– Beneficial rates for Driver Only Fleets
– Excess Free Policies in the event of an accident
– 24hr Accident Helpline

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