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What Is Fleet Van Insurance?

Van fleet insurance is an insurance policy that covers multiple vans under one policy. A policy combines all aspects of risk into one single document often saving you money in the process.

Fleet insurance policies are not trade specific. Whether you are a builder with a variety of vans or a courier needing to cover a selection of vehicles, then fleet van insurance is right for you!

Fleet van insurance is often referred to as multiple van insurance.

What Levels of Cover are there for my Vans?

As with private car insurance, fleet van polices are also available in three base policy types:

Third Party Only

This type of policy covers any liability that you might incur to others. It will not cover your drivers or your vehicles though. It is the most basic level of cover and not recommended.

Third Party Fire and Theft

TPFT policies cover the same as the above. They will also cover your own vehicles against fire and theft. This type of policy will still only cover the third party though in the event of a fault claim.

Fully Comprehensive

A fully Comprehensive policy is the highest level of insurance available for a fleet of vans. It includes all the cover above but will also cover you in the event of a fault claim.

Although this is the most expensive level of cover. It does ensure you have little to worry about as a fleet operator. Operating a fleet of vans carries a lot of risk and therefore a sensible level of insurance is suggested.

How does a fleet policy work?

Fleet policies often work the same way as “bulk-buys” from shops. They offer cheaper prices based on the amount of vehicles in your possession. For this reason, looking to insure your van fleet under one single policy can also help save you a significant amount of money.

Most commonly, couriers, contractors, builders and alike are the most common people to require a van fleet policy but a fleet policy is available to anyone.

Can I Have Multiple Drivers on my Policy?

Yes, it is perfectly possible to insure any driver to drive any van within your fleet. It is however typically better though to opt for a named driver policy where all drivers are over 25 as this will generally mean a better chance of getting s cheap van fleet policy.

Will my policy be tailored?

Van fleet policies are completely tailorable and can include other types of vehicle if required. Every companies fleet is different as is its use. As a result of this, it is essential policies match your needs.

Can I get a Cheap Fleet Van policy?

The price of your policy is determined by your risk profile. This is primarily worked out from the number of vehicles you have, their use and your claim history.

If you maintain a good claims history, operate a named driver only fleet with all drivers over the age of 25 with few to no convictions. Then your chance of finding a cheap fleet van insurance increases.

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