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What Is Fleet Van Insurance?

Van fleet insurance applies if you have more than one van in your possession and wish to insure 2 or more of these vans under a single policy, in order to save money on your insurance and reduce administration time significantly.

Rather than having to track down multiple vehicle policies that have a range of renewal dates, managing one singular policy that covers multiple vehicles makes life much easier, allowing you to focus on your time on the finer things in life.

Fleet policies often work the same way as “bulk-buys” from shops – they offer cheaper prices based on the amount of vehicles in your possession. For this reason, looking to insure your van fleet under one single policy can also help save you a significant amount of money.

Can I Have Multiple Drivers on my Policy?

Yes, Insuring your fleet with a Cheap Van Fleet Insurance policy gives the opportunity to insure a multitude of drivers to take the wheel of any one of the vehicles that are covered by the policy – thus boosting the flexibility and of your business to allow workers to drive any one of the vehicles you have cover for under the fleet policy.

What Types of Cover are there?

As with private car insurance, van fleet insurance is also available in three base policy types:

Third Party Only:  This type of policy covers any liability that you might incur to others and does not provide cover for you, your drivers or your vehicle.

Third Party Fire and Theft: TPFT policies ensure that you are covered for potential liabilities such as theft of vehicles or damage sustained by fire.

Fully Comprehensive: A fully Comprehensive policy is the highest level of insurance available for a fleet of vans, and includes all of the aforementioned levels of protections, plus coverage for any damage or injury sustained by yourself.  Whilst this is typically the most expensive policy type, it will ensure that your business has nothing to worry about, and is prepared for any unpredicted accidents, or incidents that may occur to you, your workforce or your vehicles.

Can I have a tailored policy?

Whilst we have mentioned the three main base types of policies, our network of brokers are specialists in the van fleet marketplace, and as such, can tailor a policy to suit your specific needs.

As well as a multitude of optional extras, we can find a broker that will make sure the policy you have is tailored to suit your needs at the lowest possible prices.

Our vetting process has been refined for a multitude of years in order to cut all of the hassle out of the renewal process – you will no longer have to spend all day comparing brokers’ policies and prices to find the right policy for you, we put in all the hard work for you.

We make sure that you get the most competitive policy prices on the marketplace whilst maintaining essential cover options that your business needs in order to prosper.

Best of all? The whole process takes just 3 minutes!

Within 3 minutes, our customer care experts can have you speaking to a specialist broker that you know will be amongst the most competitive on the marketplace based on your individual wants and needs.

You can read more on comparing cheap fleet insurance on our fleet page.

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