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What is Courier Fleet Insurance?

Courier Fleet Insurance insures business that operate a fleet of vehicles for the purpose of carrying goods. Vehicles typically found on a courier fleet policy range from cars to 3.5t trucks.

We work with leading UK Specialist Courier fleet insurance brokers who have access to some of the most competitive polices.

Our brokers are able to cover all fleets from 3 vehicles up. From a mixed vehicle fleet to single vehicle type, we can help with all.

What does Courier Fleet Cover?

Courier fleet cover will combine all your drivers and vehicles onto one policy insuring against loss or damage.

You will be able to tailor your policy so that your courier vans are completely covered if they are damaged or written off. It can also cover accidental damage, vandalism, loss of goods, public liability and much more.

If needed, your policy can be extended for European travel for the import and export of other countries goods.

Do I Qualify for Courier Fleet Insurance?

You qualify for courier fleet insurance if you have 3 or more vehicles that you operate for profit.

If you only have one vehicle, you may wish to apply for just standard courier insurance. If you only have 2 vehicles, you may wish to consider multi van insurance.

How many vehicles can you insure?

In short there is no maximum amount of vehicles you can insure on a policy. From 3 vehicles to 300 vehicles, we can help find insurance for them all!

What is the advantage of a fleet policy for my courier business?

You can greatly reduce your insurance costs by insuring all your drivers and vehicles on one policy. By only having one policy, you also remove multiple renewal dates.

Adding additional vehicles to your policy is also an easy process and can usually be done in minutes. The broker you take a policy out with will talk you through this when the time comes.

Cheap Courier Fleet Insurance

When looking to insure a fleet of courier vehicles, it can be hard to locate a cheap or even competitive policy. Statistically, courier companies carry a higher risk when it comes to loss or damage. This is why comparing policies is essential in order to find a cheap policy.

The policy premium offered will be based on the type of courier you are. It will also take into account your risk profile and the level of cover you would like.

When selecting your policy, you will be able to choose from third party, third party fire and theft or fully comprehensive. Although third party will be the cheapest, it is strongly recommended you opt more for comprehensive cover as it is this that will best protect your courier business.

Why use Total Insurance Comparison?

We have teamed up with leading providers to compare courier fleet cover at some of the most competitive prices.

Our brokers specialise in offering:
– Experienced and Knowledgeable staff to help you
– Highly competitive rates
– Flexible payment plans

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