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What is Courier Fleet Insurance?

Courier Fleet Insurance is designed to cover businesses that operate a fleet of vans for hire and reward. This type of policy is designed to cover the vans, drivers and goods you carry to a maximum of 3.5t.

You are classed as a courier if you transport goods for profit, dropping off at multiple locations through out the day for profit.

We work with UK leading Specialist Courier Fleet Insurance brokers who have access to some of the most competitive fleet policies. 

Our brokers are able to cover all fleets from 2 vehicles up. Whether your fleet be mixed or just one type of vehicle such as courier vans, you can be sure they have a policy for.

What does Courier Fleet Cover?

A courier fleet cover will combine all your drivers and vehicles into one policy allowing you to run your business much more effectively.

Your policy can be tailored to cover accidental damage, vandalism, loss of goods, public liability, van insurance for your courier van or car as well as much much more.

If needed, your policy can also include cover for European travel for the import and export of other countries goods.

Why use Total Insurance Comparison?

We have teamed up with leading courier fleet insurance brokers to find and compare courier fleet cover at some of the most competitive prices.

Our brokers specialise in offering:
– Experienced and Knowledgeable staff to help you
– Highly competitive rates
– Flexible payment plans

Do I Qualify for Courier Fleet Insurance?

You can qualify for courier fleet insurance if you are in possession of 2 or more vehicles with the intended purpose to run them all for the purpose of couriering goods as a business.

How many vehicles can you insure?

We work with a vast network of brokers to make sure that whatever policy needs you may have we can cater to. Whether you are looking to insure 2 vehicles, or you are an experienced courier with a network of 500 vehicles, Total can make sure that they provide you with the correct broker for you – ensuring that you get the best policies at lower prices.

What is the advantage of a fleet policy for my courier business?

Instead of buying single courier policies for all of your vehicles, fleet cover can drastically reduce administration time and save you money on your insurance policies by combining a singular policy for multiple vehicles.

Adding additional vehicles to your policy is also an easy process, and can usually be done in a few simple steps – our brokers can help elaborate on this process, and break down the steps for you, so that you know exactly how to add vehicles to your policy if you wish to expand your fleet in the future.

Cheap Courier Fleet Insurance

When looking to insure a fleet of courier vehicles, it can be hard to locate a cheap or even competitive policy. This is because the risk associated with courier fleets is typically higher than other fleets due to the chance of loss through theft or damage when carrying out your day to day work.

The policy premium you are offered will be based on the type of courier you are, the level of cover you are looking for and the types of liability insurance you want to take out.

When selecting your policy, you will be able to choose from third party, third party fire and theft or fully comprehensive. Although third party will be the cheapest, it is strongly recommended you opt more for comprehensive cover as it is this that will best protect your courier business.

Need to only insure a single vehicle? Compare Cheap Courier Insurance.

Courier Fleet Insurance

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