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What is Company Fleet Insurance?

Company fleet insurance is essentially a fleet insurance policy. Those looking for company fleet cover will typically be more service based or general trades as opposed to courier based trades.

Policies of this nature can often save both small and large businesses money by combining insurance for multiple vehicles and drivers into one policy.

What vehicles can a company fleet policy cover?

In most circumstances, you will be able to insure all types of vehicle on your policy. It’s quite common for a company to have a multitude of vehicles that require insuring and therefore a flexible policy is required.

Should you only have one type of vehicle such as vans, then you may want to take a look at van fleet insurance or maybe courier fleet insurance if you are courier business based.

What cover levels are there available?

In the same way car insurance works, you can choose from a number of levels that include.

Third party only

Third party or TPO is the minimum level of cover required by law. TPO will cover the third party only but nothing of your own goods will be covered.

Third party, fire and theft

Third party, fire and theft or TPFT covers everything TPO covers above but will also cover the vehicle against being stolen or going up in flames.


Comprehensive is the best form of cover when greater risks are involved. It will cover and pay out for everything that TPFT but will also cover your own vehicles in the event of a fault claim.

How many vehicles can go on a company car fleet?

You can put as many vehicles as you like on a fleet policy. Although typically there is a minimum of 3 vehicles, there is no maximum amount.

Quite often the more vehicles you put on your fleet the greater the savings.

Getting Cheap Company Car Fleet Policies

Fleet insurance is often a great way to make savings on insuring multiple vehicles.

Your ability to get cheap motor fleet insurance will depend on a variety of things such as the following.

Claims Experience

The price of a company fleet insurance policy is heavily based on a claims history. If you have a large number of vehicles with a good claims history, your price will be considerably higher.

Type of Driver

If you have a named driver policy, this will help reduce the cost of your policy as the drivers are known to the broker. If you opt for an any driver fleet policy, this can push the cost up.

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