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Any Driver Fleet Insurance

  • Any Size Fleet Coverable

  • Cars, Vans, Taxis, Couriers, Trucks and More

  • Fully Tailorable Policies

  • HUGE Introductory Discounts!

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Any Driver Fleet Insurance

  • Any Size Fleet Coverable

  • Cars, Vans, Taxis, Couriers, Trucks and More

  • Fully Tailorable Policies

  • Introductory Discounts!

0203 876 5048

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Any Driver Fleet Insurance is a Fleet Insurance policy with a much ‘broader’ coverage.

A policy of this nature is typically more expensive but extremely flexible and versatile in its coverage allowing fleet operators to work with ease.

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What is Fleet Insurance for Any Driver?

An any driver fleet insurance policy does exactly what it says. It enables any person working for you to drive any of your vehicles listed on the policy.

Often used by large contractors who operate and run large fleets or courier fleet operators, this type of commercial fleet insurance policy allows companies to operate freely without having to update their insurance company all the time to allow a driver to drive a certain vehicle.

Benefits of Any Driver Cover


Above anything, an any driver policy offers complete flexibility. It means if you need to quickly get a vehicle on the road and you have a new employee, providing they are working for you, they can usually jump straight in and drive. You will have needed to vet them and check they have an appropriate driving licence, but as long as that checks out, you are typically good to go.

No Admin Fees for Driver Changes

As you will not be adding or removing drivers from your policy, you will significantly reduce your admin fees. In the instance of a named driver fleet policy, every time you wish to add a driver, you will often be required to pay a fee along with it. With an any driver policy, you will only pay admin fees or policy change fee’s if you wish to add a vehicle or make other large changes.

Peace of Mind

Not all drivers understand how fleet policies work and will just assume they can drive the vehicle because they work for you. If you have a named driver only policy, then this is not the case and the driver would be driving illegally. With any driver, you can send a team out on the road knowing that providing they have a licence, they will be able to drive.

Downside of Any Driver Cover

More Expensive

With the added flexibility does come a slightly higher premium. You will spend more for the overall cost of the policy, however, if your drivers are frequently changing then this policy increase may be less then the constant admin fees.

Compare Any Driver Fleet Insurance

Like any insurance policy, you are always wise to compare quotes from multiple providers. Here at Total Insurance Comparison, we compare multiple Fleet Insurance Brokers to help you find the best policy for you.

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