VisionTrack Upgrades its video telematics app

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Now successfully launched, VisionTrack, a leading fleet management software has improved its user experience for those who use its app.

Replicating all the functionality and usability of the company’s IoT platform, it is now possible to monitor a vehicles operation from a smart phone and respond instantly to any incidents. With the new app, it is even possible to review footage from the fleet vehicles dashcam.

Richard Lane, commercial director of VisionTrack explained “We have transformed the user experience with the introducing of the next-generation mobile app”

“The intuitive and user-friendly interface means our customers have the immediate access to critical vehicle data, video footage and analytics, gaining added visibility and control over their fleets wherever they are”.

It is the advancements like this that will help user stand a better chance of finding cheap fleet insurance quotes.

Delivered to the app directly from the vehicles is real-time vehicle information captured from VisionTracks range of telematics solutions including driver behaviour, events, footage and journey routes.

The app also allows for emails alerts that can be triggered on certain events. This can allow users to understand the cause and in what context in the event of an incident.

Quite commonly, the app can be used to alert fleet operators of speeding drivers within the fleet. Drivers who often speed, brake harshly or drive erratically can now be better highlighted and educated on their driving habits. This helps towards operating a safer fleet and will increase driver awareness.

Snapshot images are readily available whilst also being able to download a full driver playback in the event of a crash or accident.

Lane in his statement continued to mention “ We are committed to using cutting-edge technologies to help fleet operators achieve a wide range of insurance, safety and efficiency benefits”.

“Our new mobile app will help our customers to instantly assess and get on top on incidents quicker and better protects its employees, improve driving styles and quickly establish liability in the event of an accident.”

The software is proving a huge hit for courier fleets where drivers are frequently under pressure to deliver within a set time frame.