Untrained drivers and the wider risk to road users

untrained drivers on fleet policies

According to a recent piece of research conducted by ALD Automotive, a staggering 62% of fleet drivers have had ‘no formal driver training’, while only two in five admit they’ve been asked to complete a simple health check to ensure they are fit to work.

This is worrying, as you will no doubt agree. Adequate training is absolutely essential in nearly every industry, but it is even more vital in a sector that involves people being required to handle large vehicles that travel great distances and at high speed.

Is this an insurance issue?

The answer to the above question is, quite simply, yes. Having drivers that are not of a necessary driving standard is not only dangerous for the individual driver, but could also seriously damage the reputation of their company, should they be involved in an accident. And, on top of that, a lack of training is an issue for other road users.

If you own or manage a fleet, you’ll no doubt want to hire the best drivers and implement the most robust health and safety measures available. But that can only get you so far. If there are other drivers on the road who have had less – or no – training, one of your fleet operators could conceivably end up being involved in an accident not of their making.

Fleet insurance is absolutely essential, and the above is just one example of why that is the case. With so many poorly trained drivers on the road, crashes and other incidents are, unfortunately, inevitable. As such, it makes sense to cover your fleet in case the worst should happen.

It is also worth noting that, if you are a fleet operator whose employees have not undergone extensive training, your company could be missing a significant opportunity to not only improve efficiency and reduce fuel costs, but also to slash insurance bills.

The best option for your fleet

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