Is there such a thing as non-commercial fleet insurance?

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By now, you’ll no doubt be aware that 2015 was a massive year for car sales in the UK. In fact, it set an all-time record, with over 2.6 million new registrations for the first time ever.

But did you know that around 1.3 million registrations were for fleets?

Of course, fleet insurance is massively important. Especially with so many new vehicles rolling off forecourts to spend huge amounts of time on the roads for haulage companies or car hire firms. That said, it is a little-known fact that fleet insurance doesn’t just have to be used for commercial fleets.

If you are a private owner who happens to have two or more cars, you may well be eligible for the same protection. Simply put, this gives you the benefit of having all of your vehicles protected under the same insurance policy, saving you plenty of headaches and paperwork in the future. You may well be able to benefit from some enhanced coverage options too, such as access to courtesy cars or mechanics for repairs.

Sure, you might not spend as much time on the road as the average haulage company, or have as many vehicles as the car hire place down the road. You might not even be totally sure if you’re eligible for fleet insurance. That’s why the team here at Total is on-hand to guide you, with our brokers working with top insurers to make sure you get the best deal on the cover you need.

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