Operating events with fleet vehicles

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Companies often have different motoring needs at different times of the year and this is never truer than in the events industry. When vehicles are needed only a few times each year, it is silly to buy them or even hire them all year round.

It can, however, be very costly to hire them all individually too. Here we explore how you can operate a growing and contracting fleet without spending too much.

Flexible fleet insurance

Establishing a flexible van fleet insurance policy is an important first step. A policy that allows you to add vehicles on for a week or more and add people on only when they need to drive is essential. This will enable you to keep costs down, but ensure that everyone has the right cover when they need it.

Get quotes for large hire contracts

Car hire companies will negotiate large contracts with you based on a number of hires per year. Arranging these hires in advance will save you money and your car hire account manager will be able to get you the best rates possible. Ensure the contract is flexible so that you can add vehicles on and take them off as the need of each event becomes clear.

Extend the hire

If there are vehicles that are needed year-round, it is cheaper to opt for extended hire. Hire a vehicle for 12 months and you will save a great deal on the cost. For core crew members this can be a sensible step to take.

Check the vehicles

When the vehicles arrive make sure they are thoroughly checked. It is sensible to take pictures of the vehicles so that you can prove that any damage was there before you took receipt of them.

Offer driver rewards

Event work can often lead to a number of small accidents as people drive around active worksites. Offering a driver reward scheme can help to reduce accidents by ensuring drivers are more careful with the vehicles they drive. This will help to lower any costs associated with repairing vehicles and will help to keep everyone safer too.