ODO: a new fleet management system for small to mid sized businesses

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Fleet managers will welcome the opportunity to check out a new software and fleet insights service available on the Drive platform. ODO is a new fleet management system from Drive Software Solutions Ltd that’s specifically aimed at small and medium sized businesses. The software runs in the Oracle cloud, making it easy to access the system from any device, any place.

About ODO

ODO provides an easy to use dashboard interface that keeps track of vehicles and drivers, including mileage, fuel consumption, maintenance and servicing. The dashboard can be accessed by a variety of departmental functions within the business, so the data is not only available to fleet managers, but accessible to HR departments, finance and business owners. It’s really just a case of logging in to access up-to-the-minute data and analytics. The system allows fleet managers to ensure legal compliance for both vehicles and drivers as it provides automatic alerts and reminders regarding MOTs, insurance records and driver information.

ODODrive partnered with CAP HPI to create the software, so fuel efficiency and current vehicle valuations are also available at the click of a button. Adding a vehicle to the ODO system is remarkably straightforward too, as it’s just a case of inputting the registration number into the dashboard and the software system will update the vehicle records direct from DVLA sources.

Reducing paperwork and administration time

This is an ideal service for fleet managers who need to monitor costs and control the company vehicles while cutting out paperwork and administration time.

ODO is available on a free 30 day trial, so there are no excessive upfront costs to worry about if you decide to try out the service. If you plan to continue using the software it will cost £3 per vehicle for the Professional Service level and £5 per vehicle for Expert Service, although discounts are available for businesses that contact ODODrive direct.

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