‘No Deal’ Brexit would be the worst outcome for the Haulage Industry

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The global road transport organisation, IRU has warmed and liked the proposed plans from the Government on Customs and Trade but has warned that a no deal would be catastrophic and the worst outcome.

It has left many fleet operators working within the transport industry concerned about their profit margins and ability to trade successfully.

The IRU has indicated that there are many grey areas within the white paper and that there are many questions yet to be answered. It has called upon the Government to offer clarification on many points.

Daniel Kern, head of the IRU’s Brexit front, said: “We must not forget that road freight transport is the lifeblood of the European and British economies. Although the UK proposals are welcome we need more detail and clarity if the industry is to be able to support trade and economic growth post-Brexit. The possibility of the UK leaving the European Union without a comprehensive deal would be the worst possible outcome for the road transport industry.”

The IRU is also working on persuading the Government to be more concrete on transition periods which should only take place once final and agreed negotiations have taken place that mimic the current agreements in place.

Many proposals have been welcomed such as customs plans through the Brexit process but there is still much work to be done on provisions for businesses that could rick being at the forefront of the financial burden if not at the forefront of the UK and EU negotiations.

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