Matrix Telematics releases details on new dashcam

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In recent news that is sure to impact on those who need fleet insurance, Matrix Telematics have announced details of their new dashcam. Fleet managers at all businesses know the value that dashcams have, both in terms of evidence to support a claim and also bringing fleet premiums down, so this new technology is sure to be welcomed by many in the commercial motor industry.

HD33 is vital for the modern fleet manager 

For any fleet manager, finding ways to manage their fleet insurance costs is key. The new HD33 IncidentCam dashcam from Matrix looks set to be a key tool in their box with this in mind. Features confirmed on the new product from Matrix so far are amazing and look set to make this one of the most cutting-edge dashcams out there.

A brand new over-the-air video alert system is installed for instant notifications of any incidents. In addition, this can also be accessed remotely by fleet managers if needed upon demand. This gives a real flexibility to its use that could come in very handy for insurance purposes.

Second camera for extra security 

A second camera is also contained which can deliver either internal driver-facing footage or rear-facing video pictures. This will allow fleet managers to have a full idea of what happens when one of their cars is on the road or involved in an incident. Alternatively, a rear camera can be mounted externally to record any activity that takes place behind the vehicle in question.

Fleet managers are put in control

The many superb features this dashcam offers look set to put fleet managers in even greater control of their vehicles. This is especially true with fleet insurance in mind where any claims you have to make can be dealt with faster due to the detailed evidence you will be able to provide with a claim. As with all dashcam technology, you may also find your fleet insurance costs are lower anyway by taking this sort of precaution.

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