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If you run a business that relies on a fleet of vehicles, we don’t need to tell you how much of a pain it can be when one of them is out of service; you can lose money, disappoint customers and frustrate staff when there aren’t enough vehicles to go around.

Plenty of different types of business run fleets of vehicles – you could be a haulier, a courier service, a taxi company or just run a company that needs to carry out deliveries. Whatever the case, courier fleet van insurance could help you to reduce the overheads of your business and allow you to reap better profits.

For one thing, you’ll cut down on the costs of administration by looking after all of your vehicles on one policy. Rather than waste valuable man hours on filing and keeping track of several different policies, one policy makes claiming and renewing much easier. As the old saying goes, time is money, and if you’re saving time, you’re saving pennies too.

You’ll also have less in the way of downtime, because most policies will offer a nationwide network of repairers and courtesy vehicles if one of your fleet vehicles does need to go into the garage. Downtime too, would cost you cash which fleet insurance can save you – you’ll also appear more reliable to your customers and be more likely to get return custom.

All in all, it’s a top way to save precious time and useful cash, so take a look at what we can offer.